She’s a wolf on the run.

Kasie is being haunted and hunted by her past. A chance meeting with hot wolf Rhys leads to long steamy nights in his bed, and just when he starts to think they may have a future together, she runs.

Disappearing into the night without a trace, Kasie’s desperate flight is halted when she totals her car. Who should rescue her? Rhys. Now she’s stuck. No car, no cash, and one sexy wolf demanding answers. Answers she can’t give.

Can they face the threat that is coming together? Or will their world go up in flames?

Aussie author Zahra Stone writes funny, sometimes snarky, but always action-packed, urban fantasy stories. Her characters are courageous and daring and afraid of nothing. Unlike Zahra, who is scared of moths, snakes, sharks, running out of coffee, and extended power outages. 

Zahra Stone
Zahra Stone
Zahra Stone
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